Vanessa (or Ness) has an amazing story to share, which she does with humour, charisma, honesty and candidness.

She has been lecturing, teaching and mentoring people since she can remember but professionally since 1992. 

AS A SPEAKER: Vanessa shares her life story with boundless energy, drive and passion, which she injects into her audience as she unveils the highs and lows of her own colourful journey:
  • born in Cyprus; 
  • raised in England; 
  • immigrating to Australia in 1968 (six weeks at sea); 
  • bullied at school because she was different (English & horsey); 
  • fiercely defending her chosen career path; 
  • global travel to pursue a dream; 
  • a marriage breakdown; 
  • a partner with depression; 
  • turmoils with gold mining companies showering her roof with rocks (Erin Brockovitch equivalent!); 
  • achieving Olympic success with the son (Irish Jester) of her homebred stallion; and 
  • developing her property, Gold Fields (a real Field of Dreams tenfold) throughout floods, droughts, fires, and locusts to host the Pony Club State Championships in 2009. This property was then subjected to one of the worst environmental disasters in Victoria, being covered with chemicals from nearby mining operations, forcing Vanessa shut down, enduring a major Government investigation and to eventually relocate and start all over again at Euroa Horse Park.

As a speaker in corporate life Vanessa is best known as The Ness Factor. Her lectures and presentations are engaging, entertaining and educational and highly recommended.

She draws from her vast experiences to give real life examples and demonstrates a great insight and depth of knowledge in her subjects. 

Vanessa is well known for her extreme levels of survival and creativity and she has big plans for the future. Her mission is to share this with others and help them to think outside the square, to develop the confidence to be creative and the courage to initiate positive change to improve their life and their business.

AS AN EDUCATOR: One of Vanessa's main strengths is her style of communication and a real gift for being able to explain a complex subject with clarity and simplicity. 

She lecturers on a range of horse related subjects which are further outlined on ESB education as well as sales, marketing and business management which are outlined in PeeP Downunder.

It might be easier just to ring her on 0417 363 710, or